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In the unlikely event that at some stage in the WORD Christchurch Festival, you find that you have overindulged in word richness, fear not, because an ideal palate cleanser is on hand.

Carpe Librum: Seize the Book is a exhibition of art created out of decommissioned books at Ara City Campus ArtBox. It is a great little event to sandwich in-between all the other WORD gorgeousness you will be experiencing and it's fun to take in with a friend. Masha and I visited to-day.

This exhibition knocks your average scrapbooking right out of the ballpark. It is essentially concept art for the book lover. Each and every exhibit will challenge you to work out the creative process that went into the making of it; to bounce off one another what you would have done instead and to seriously consider taking a bookbinding course. And it's OK if you go on your own as well, as the Artist in Residence at Ara has her studio off the end of the venue and she is a chatty lady who is producing amazing art from images of slices of her brain.

And once you're in that part of the city, there is so much more to explore - great cafe's, excellent outlets to buy gorgeous stationery and Central Library Manchester  to visit. I will let Masha (shown here feigning terror at a giant a quid in one of the exhibits) have the last word on this exhibition, she can always express things so eloquently:

More beautiful things for me to love and do.

Which all just goes to prove that WORD Christchurch 2016 offers so much more than words, while you are in town, give this free event at ArtBox a visit!

View more photos of Carpe Librum on Flickr

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