Dear Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump by Sophie Siers and Anne Villeneuve:

Dear Donald Trump, I'm writing you a letter from my bedroom in New Zealand. Sadly, the room does not belong only to me. I have to share it with my big brother who exactly fits your description of an undesirable person.

I watched you on the TV news tonight and you said you were building a wall. It made me think that perhaps I need one too.

Yours faithfully


Dear Donald Trump

In the hands of another writer, this scenario could have been clunky and overstated, however Sophie Siers has created a delightful story of a young boy coming to grips with the concept of sharing, communicating and dealing with 'undesirables'.

This book works - I loved the style of the retro illustrations which add to the story brilliantly, the message is a subtle, and the characters are charming. Donald Trump might be a bit disappointed to find that he doesn't take centre stage, but the author has make great use of his policy so no doubt he could take some solace from that!

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