Dive into WORD Christchurch 2023

WORD Christchurch 2023 is just around the corner. As a fan of the event, I always enjoy browsing the programme brochure full of WORD in diverse and colourful forms. This year, the following programmes in the WORD kaleidoscope caught my eye. 

Dirty Passports | Thursday, 24 August 2023, 8-9.30 pm |TSB Space,Tūranga

‘Dirty Passports gave the intersectional vibes I have been (and always am) craving — decolonisation, queerness, feminist agendas… I wasn’t left wanting on any fronts.’ – The Speakeasy

What would you expect from the sell-out show? The combination of the hilarious image and the insightful quote has told us a lot. Featured by Nathan JoeKhadro MohamedVanessa Crofskey, Zephyr ZhangJuanita HepiJosiah Morgan, and Kevin Jared Hosein, this show is a must-go. 

Summoning Whakapapa | Friday, 25 August 2023, 5-6 pm | TSB Space,Tūranga

Who are we? Where do we locate ourselves in the world? Whakapapa, which is used to mean genealogy, gets us to think of these questions and understand how we come into relationships with the world, with people, and with life.

Taonga pūoro practitioner, Ruby Solly , and taonga pūoro musician, Ariana Tikao, tell stories of their whakapapa and explore their relationships with it. The audience will also learn about Ruby's verse novel The Artist and Ariana's story of Mokorua.

If you are interested in family history and the protection of whakapapa, this symposium is for you. 

Lost and Found in Translation | Saturday, 26 August 2023, 3-4 pm | The Chamber, The Piano

We can read and enjoy novels and works in a language other than our mother tongue thanks to the efforts of translators. Translation is not merely a skill or technique. It requires translators' thorough understanding of different cultures and languages and then, representing others' work in an art form. 

Come to join Polly Barton and Ross Calman to investigate what is lost and found in the art of translation.

If you can speak and read more than one language, this panel session will make lots of sense to you.

Desert Island Dishes | Sunday, 27 August 2023, 1-2 pm | TSB Space,Tūranga

Are you among the dedicated audience of the Desert Island Dishes podcast? Why don't you come to watch and listen to an in-person one?

Melody Thomas will guide you to find out formative dishes chosen by well-known guests. Gatherings chef Alex Davies, former Masterchef runner-up Jax Hamilton, and The Two Raw Sisters will discuss the relationship between who they are and their approach to food and cooking. 

These are my choices for this year. Have you chosen your must-go panels? 

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