Job hunting or upskilling with LinkedIn Learning for Libraries

Are you job hunting or just looking for a career change? LinkedIn Learning for Libraries has some great courses that could help, whether you want to retrain or you want some new tactics in your job hunt. The best part that is free with your library card.

A great place to start is the new learning path, which is a series of courses to help you along your job hunting journey:

  • Finding a job during challenging economic times.
    This features 13 courses that will help you navigate all aspects of the job search in a tough job market — from building your job strategy to building your confidence.
  • Become a successful job hunter
    Maximize your job search efforts with expert advice from career coaches and business professionals. Whether you're a graduate or student looking ahead, learn how to craft a career plan, write a resume, search for a job, and nail the interview

Perhaps a short course is more your style. Try:

Upskilling for a complete change of career might be on the cards. Here are some learning paths that may help you to a new job:

  • Become a Web Developer
    Kick-start your career building powerful and attractive apps and sites. This learning path will provide you with the foundational skills you need to begin mastering the core technologies to become a web developer, from HTML and CSS to JavaScript.
  • Become a Network Administrator
    Network administrators play a vital role in managing and maintaining an organization's computer network. Begin your career in information technology (IT) as a network administrator, and learn the essential skills you'll need to organize, install, and support a Cisco network.
  • Become a 3D Character Animator
    Channel your creativity and technical savvy to breathe life into simple characters as a 3D character animator. Learn to apply the basic principles of animation and the processes used by professionals to model, rig, and animate characters in digital environments.
  • Become a Customer Service Specialist
    Discover the skills required to become a customer support specialist and deliver outstanding customer service, including building rapport and communicating effectively with customers, providing the right assistance at the right times, de-escalating intense situations, and creating customer value.

There are thousands of other options to study using LinkedIn Learning for Libraries, covering audio, business, CAD, design, web developer, IT, marketing and photography.

LinkedIn Learning for Libraries was, same great content new easy to use platform. All you need is your library card and pin, no need to sign up to LinkedIn. Find out more about LinkedIn Learning for Libraries