Sharing your bubble experiences

Papier mache masks
Hornby High School, Robert Muldoon masks, 14 November 1983. Christchurch Star Archive, Christchurch City Libraries collection, CCL-StarP-00099A. In copyright.

What are you and your household getting up to in your bubble? Are you gardening? Organising? Are you creating new worlds out of boxes or pen and paper? Are you playing board games? Reading? Watching movies? Having a backyard swingball battle tournament? Making a papier mache mask? Perhaps a macramé plantpot holder? Dressing up and performing for your bubble members? Or to friends and family over Skype or Zoom? Or perhaps you are trying to work from home while all of this is going on around you? Or are you an essential worker experiencing work in a very different way?


Christchurch City Libraries is collecting photographs of your experiences living in your bubble and your local area while in lockdown. Now is a great time to take in your local neighbourhood surroundings and document it while you get some daily exercise, following the physical distancing guidelines of course, to photograph household and backyard activities and document working differently.

We’d love to see a range of photographs and stories from across the city on the Discovery Wall as a collective historical record of our unprecedented experience of life in Christchurch during lockdown.

Stanmore Road New World during Covid-19 Lockdown
Stanmore Road New World during Covid-19 Lockdown, 2 April 2020. Christchurch City Libraries collection, CCL-DW-115321. Contributed by RichardH. In copyright.

Take photographs of anything that stands out or that you want to document, either using your cell phone or a camera. Photographs can be of activities in your house or backyard, something that looks different during lockdown, signage, artwork or just something that catches your eye.

Some tips on describing your photographs:

  • Where was the photograph taken? The more specific you can be the better – street names, with or without addresses, are ideal.
  • Who is pictured? Check they are happy to be named before you include their names.
  • When was it taken? Record the date you took the photograph – the specific day is ideal.
  • You can include something personal in your description. How did you feel? What inspired you to take the photograph?
  • Add some tags to categorise your photograph.

You can either upload your photographs directly to, opens a new window or if you think you’ll have quite a collection we can help with a bulk upload, just drop us an email at, opens a new window and we’ll send you information on what to do.

Look after yourselves and remember that we’re all in this together.

Teddies in the driveway
Teddies in the driveway, 27 March 2020. Christchurch City Libraries Collection, CCL-DW-114971. Contributed by Jacq. In copyright.