1972 Lady Wigram Trophy

Check out the Lady Wigram Motor Race from 50 years ago through images in our collection.

Negative showing Scott Miller and Neil Doyle, opens a new window
Scott Miller and Neil Doyle, 21 January 1972, Christchurch Star Archive, CCL-Star-1972-1398-020-051N-03, opens a new window.
Negative showing Spectators watching motorcars, opens a new window
Spectators watching motorcars, 22 January 1972, Christchurch Star Archive, CCL-Star-1972-1402-002-061N-11, opens a new window.
Negative showing 1972 Finish line of Lady Wigram Motor Race, opens a new window
Finish line of Lady Wigram Motor Race, 22 January 1972, Christchurch Star Archive, CCL-Star-1972-1402-002-061N-18, opens a new window.

14,000 people were in the crowd to watch the various races along with the 23rd Lady Wigram Trophy race in January 1972. Held at the Wigram Airfield the Lady Wigram Trophy Race was 47 laps of he circuit which worked out to be about 100 miles/161 km. The fastest lap time was 1 minute 6.6 seconds by the eventual winner of the trophy!

Graham McRae won the Lady Wigram trophy for the second time in 1972, but he only just made it in time for the race. His car needed repairs after the previous days practice, and he and the car made it to the track with only half an hour to spare!

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