Activate your hyperdrive and come and listen to Christchurch’s rocketeers at Tūranga – Thursday 23 February 6.30pm

Christchurch innovators are launching out-of-this-world technology into space and the Earth’s stratosphere.

These new developments include environmentally-friendly rockets, solar-power remote-controlled aircraft and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) when mapping our planet from the heavens.

You are invited to come and hear Aerospace Christchurch, Kea Aerospace and Dawn Aerospace representatives speak about these and other developments in Tūranga's Activity Room from 6.30pm-7.30pm on 23 February. The event is called Ōtautahi in Space and you will find it in Ngā Purapura, the Activity Room, on Hapori | Community, Level 1 at Tūranga.

The University of Canterbury Rocketry group, led by Associate Professor Christopher Hann, will give a presentation on its programme including a demonstration of a rocket self-correcting its flight into orbit. The rocketry group, established in 2009, develops guidance, navigation and control (GNC) and communication systems for the New Zealand Space industry. It developed the research foundation for the GNC systems of Rocket Lab's orbital vehicle, Electron.

There will be time for a few questions and answers at the end of the presentations.

Tūhura Tuarangi - Aotearoa in space exhibition 11 to 26 February

The showcase gives you the chance to build a satellite, launch a rocket, and see how you can create energy out of water. Get up close with ion thrusters, a four-billion-year-old meteor, and a part of a secret Russian space craft. There are also virtual reality experiences where you can take your first giant leaps into space and explore our entire solar system and beyond.

Bought to Tūranga by the Tūhura Otago Museum Team.
Location: Tautoru / TSB space, Hapori | Community, Level 1, Tūranga

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