VVelcome to VValentine’s Day

VVelcome to VValentine's Day

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Valentine's season is upon us and what better time for some rigorous neck nibbling - fiction-style! Yep, we're talking Vampires with a capital V, but not those sparkly, sexy, youthful creatures; No, we're going to look at the real biters, the dark ones, the beastly, the frightening and horror-ific! Here's 9 of the best Vampire novels ever, to sink your teeth into this February 14...

The one, the only, the legend himself; Count Dracula. This is such a great story that it transcends generations and is constantly revised for the film and TV treatment. It's all the things you want out of a sharp-toothed fiend and he's dangerously close to gaining a foothold in a land near us!

"What's this??" I hear you ask... it's only the prequel-of-all-prequels and penned by the original author's great-grandnephew (and obvs fully authorised by the Stoker estate!) And it's an absolute ripper - adventurous, creepy, thrilling, and raises questions about Bram Stoker himself - invite this one in for Valentine's Night.

A brilliant modern take on the Vampire crisis and an adventurous dystopian saga to boot! This is first in a truly sinister trilogy and treats the Vampire plague with science and realism. Find out more about patient zero within its pages...

A literary approach to terror! Vampires have been secretly controlling the human race for centuries and this story takes us through time and all over the world and features the best/worst game of chess ever played on the page!

You all know this one, right?? Will Smith and his German Shepherd the last alive in New York City... how close did they get it, bet the book has more layers than you expect!

A NZ policeman gets involved in dark dealings when he fishes a woman's body from a cave in Italy, a woman he kinda recognises but from a looong time ago... how well does NZ do Vamps?? Try this one and see.

And is this what happens when you do 'World War Z' but with Vamps instead of Zombs?? Could be! This is a great read and does exactly what it says on the tin; it's a firsthand account of a supernatural revolt resulting in humanities rapidly altered lifestyle. A good new take of classic Vamp storytelling.

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So there we have it; a stockpile of hard-biting Vampiric Fiction to see you through the romance of it all...

And for more amazing Horror Fiction you can find some great stuff in our Horror Fiction Reading Guide.

Happy reading (garlic at the ready...)

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