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is my mate gay he acts like he likes dudes but keeps denying it he is really annoying to girls but keeps getting close to guys. Cody, 14

Dr G replies
Hi Cody
It's fine for guys to like guys. It doesn't necessarily mean someone is gay. But if your mate is gay he will tell you when he is ready. Don't hassle him about it. And if you are mates it shouldn't make any difference to your friendship. You can still be good mates.

What happens to the body if u have sex and the guy is not wearing a condom and the girl hasn't had her period? Sexy luxurious, 14

Dr G replies:
I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Are you asking if you could get pregnant if you have sex without using a condom if you have not started having periods yet?

This would be unlikely but it is possible if you have started to produce eggs in your ovaries but have not started to bleed yet. Also 14 is very young to be having sex.

I have to ask - do you really want to be having sex or is someone pressuring you? I think you need to go to talk to some one you trust about this, perhaps your school nurse, doctor or a teacher you trust if you are not able to tell your parents. Or go to have a chat with someone at 298 Youth Health Centre or Family Planning in Christchurch.

Just to let you know, the average age young people start having sex in New Zealand is 17 years. Also be aware some young people talk as if they are having sex when they aren't really as they think it sounds grown up and cool. So don't be fooled! And if someone is pressuring you to do this what they are doing is sexual abuse and it is illegal. So do get some help and take good care of yourself.

i am worried that my friends will find out about me being gay and im not ready to come out of the closet yer so what should i do? saiah, 15

Dr G replies:
Hi Saiah
I would say just take your time about telling your friends until you really feel ready. I hope you do have someone supportive you can talk with about being gay. I think it would be good to make sure you have some good support around you before you tell more people, especially as you are still at school.

One good support in Christchurch is the Q'topia Youth Group, which is a social support group for young people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual etc. You can contact them on 021 175 3631, by email at facilitator@qtopia.org.nz , or check out their website at www.qtopia.org.nz. You can also search "Qtopia" on Facebook. Another good contact is Rainbow Youth which is based in Auckland but has a good website on www.ry.org.nz. Their email is info@ry.org.nz.

I think having these contacts can reassure you that you are not alone - there are lots of other young gay people out there for you to connect with. Hopefully if/when you do tell your friends they will be positive and supportive. But just do it when you are ready. Take care, Saiah, and remember there is lots of good support for you out there.

How big should my penis be, I'm 15 years old? Andrew, 15

Dr G replies:
Hi Andrew
Our bodies are all different and we develop at different rates so there is no particular size your penis should be at a particular age. This seems to be of concern to a lot of guys though so I wrote a full reply about this a little while ago (see answer below). So first of all go and have a read of that.

I think the main thing to remember is that your body is fine just the way it is. There is quite a wide range in what is normal in penis size. Some guys are a bit bigger, some a bit smaller, just as with other parts of our bodies.

Also you don't need a really big penis to be a good lover and to give someone else pleasure, or to give yourself pleasure. I hope this helps, Andrew.

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