Arts and literature reading guide

Arts and literature reading guide

Artistic reads to keep you informed and entertained, just like your favourite works of art.

Are you looking for books on art that entertain as well as educate? For philosophy you don’t have to read multiple times to make sense of? Perhaps you just want a funny author to explain to you the rules of grammar, or are hankering for a fun read shedding light on your favourite music, theatre and literature.

Arts and literature reading lists

Reading lists on literature, music, theatre, fashion and film.

Biography - Music

From inspirational to downright dysfunctional, there’s no denying these musicians have lived intriguing lives.

Illustrated Biographies - Artists and Art

Graphic novels focusing on seminal artists and art movements - striking illustrations, unique glimpses into the lives of important artists.

Non-fiction - Fashion

From iconic designers and brands to the devastating environmental effects of fashion - great reads for fans of fashion.

Non-fiction - It's Showtime

Prepare to be dazzled by books about your favourite films, television shows, and theatre.

Non-fiction - Art Appreciation

Find out what motivates and inspires artists. Discover the creative process behind the works and learn how to take time to appreciate them.

Non-fiction - Art Adventures

Take a ripping ride into the art world and discover lost works, frauds, heists and scandals.

Biography - On Authors

Inspiring and illuminating, these literary biographies reveal the person behind the pen.

Non-fiction - Popular Philosophy

Philosophical theories from the ancients to modern day explained in an entertaining and, yes, even humorous, way.

Non-fiction - Language and humour

Uncover the origins of language, learn the reasons behind baffling grammar rules, and be informed and entertained by these language experts.

Non-fiction - Essays

The thoughts and opinions of writers tackling hefty subjects or personal experiences. Great stories, well told and arguments well made.

Non-fiction - New Zealand Essays

Build a picture of 21st century Aotearoa by reading these snapshots of Kiwi living. Essay collections on an eclectic range of subjects.

Non-fiction - Books about books

Meet book store proprietors, fall in love with amazing libraries, and get advice on how and what to read.

Non-fiction - Writers on Writing

Whether you’re fascinated by language and craft, the creative process, or how a writer’s life unfolds, something in this list will appeal.

Illustrated Biographies - Music

Telling the story of musicians through the art of graphic novels is the perfect marriage of art and music.

Find arts and literature titles in the catalogue

Find arts and literature titles in the catalogue

Music, Philosophy, Theatre and writing titles in the catalogue

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Find non-fiction on your favourite topic

Whatever kind of non-fiction you're into, find lists, new authors to try, and staff picks.

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