Non-Fiction reading guide for Rangatahi – Teens

Non-Fiction reading guide

Explore true stories and find resources on issues affecting youth.


Rainbow Reads - Non-Fiction - Teens

A collection of true stories, memoirs, guides, and histories about LGBTQIA+ people and their lives.

True Stories - Non-Fiction - Teens

True stories from around the world of celebrities or ordinary people in extraordinary situations - be transported, challenged or inspired.

Illustrated True Stories - Non-Fiction - Teens

Graphic novels are books too. Art and writing combine to bring these true stories to life. Roughly organised nice to gritty.

Anti-Racist Non-fiction - Teens

Read some practical, eye-opening non-fiction books about racism, injustice, and how you can fight for an actively anti-racist world.

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Rainbow reads for rangatahi - teens

Books for teens that explore and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community.

Genre reading guide

Find new reads from your favourite genres with these librarian recommendations for teens.
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