Christchurch Photo Hunt 2015

I love the Christchurch Photo Hunt, opens a new window. And this month it's happening once again. I can't wait to see all the new photos go up.

Past Photo Hunts have given us hundreds of images of families and friends celebrating everyday events and activities from around the Canterbury district. They are incredibly touching to browse. The annual Photo Hunt, going since 2008, is slowly building a fascinating photographic archive for us all to share.

One of my favourites from the 2014 Photo Hunt is a shout out to the 50s. It's all about the dresses, the shoes, the hair.

Railway office staff at the Railway Station on Moorhouse Avenue. 1958. Entry by Mary Boyle in the 2014 Christchurch City Libraries Photo Hunt. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 NZ. CCL-PH14-172

My favourite postcard from the 2013 Photo Hunt. Postcards and old cityscapes, just lurvely.

Golden thoughts. No known copyright. CCL-PH13-129

The photos are scanned by librarians and the originals are returned to owners. The digital copies are uploaded for us all to browse and enjoy. These and past images are also accessible from DigitalNZ, opens a new window, an extremely useful website for researching family history.

Waiting for Fish and Chips, Scarborough, 1990. CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 NZ. CCL-HW10-Ce-124

A few years ago I submitted a family photo and am so pleased I did. My sister-in-law took it as the cousins were enjoying a “day out” in 1990. The children had spent the afternoon at Sumner beach and finished off the day swimming in Scarborough pool. They had been having fun, as cousins are prone to do, and the photo captured their excitement as they waited for fish and chips at the end of the day.

The cousins are now grown and have young children of their own. I can’t wait to share this unforgettable moment in time with our new family members.

Let's share our photos with the Christchurch Photo Hunt and help preserve the heritage of Canterbury for everyone.