5 Articles on Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un is the political leader of North Korea. The secretive country officially known as Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) is an "independent socialist state". North Korean is a totalitarian dictatorship centred around its cult of personality.

North Korea is fascinating, and any rare glimpse into what goes on there has always appealed to me. The spectacle of big military displays seem like something from a time warp. I love the odd propaganda photographs of Kim Jong-un with his unique hairstyle - riding white horses on hills, or hanging out with Dennis Rodman. Kim Jong-un has some great titles like 'The Marshal' , 'Supreme Leader' and 'Dear Respected Leader'. He also has some great nicknames from the Chinese or Trump such as 'Fatty, Fatty' or 'Rocket Man'. Read more about Kim Jong-Un in the articles researched using eDS (eResource Discovery Search), or search for your own.

  1. Kim Jong Un by Norman Pearlstine
    TIME Magazine, vol. 190, no. 25/26, Dec. 2017, pp. 96–99. EBSCOhost
    Time Magazine has the short list of people who shaped our world in 2017, Kim Jong Un ranked as number 5 as "The Threat".
  2. 'The fatty on the train': Kim Jong Un nicknames proliferate in China despite censors by Allyson Chiu
    Washington Post, 29 Mar. 2018. Gale General OneFile
    Chinese government tries to keep Kim Jong-un's visit to Beijing secret by banning Kim's popular nicknames in China such as 'Fatty, Fatty' or 'the obese patient"'and scubbing them from the internet.
  3. Only two people have met both Trump and Kim Jong Un. One is Dennis Rodman. by Amy B Wang and Philip Rucker
    Washington Post March 9 2018 Database Gale in Context: High School
    In a bizarre twist in modern politics, former NBA player Dennis Rodman has praised Trump for agreeing to meet the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
  4. Will Trump Continue His Bromance With Kim Jong Un?
    Daily Beast, 13 Dec. 2020, p. NA. Gale In Context: High School
    Will the flames of Donald Trump's legendary bromance with Kim Jon Un burn on after Trump leaves office in January?
  5. Never underestimate Little Rocket Man; Kim Jong-un has proved to be a wily and brutal leader, says Richard Lloyd Parry.
    Times [London, England], 6 Mar. 2021, p. 17. Gale Academic OneFile,
    A review of Becoming Kim Jong-un Understanding North Korea's Young Dictator by Jung H Pak, a former CIA Analyst and North Korea expert.

Kim Jong Un has even made the cover of multiple magazines that you can read on the Libby app or OverDrive.