QUIZ: Family connections

What’s in a name? The annual Family History Expo held at Tūranga is just one way to engage in finding out about your family. Black sheep, heroes, skeletons in the closet and cherished memories can be found in most families – take this quiz to test your knowledge of some of our more well-known New Zealand and local families.

Quiz: Family connections

Whakapapa is the ancestral link which binds all Ngāi Tahu whānau. Ngāi Tahu means “people of Tahu” and all registered tribal members can trace their ancestry back to the tribe’s founder. What is his name?
Which of these families is famous for cricket in Ōtautahi and Aotearoa New Zealand?
What was the name of the pioneering Canterbury family who settled at Riccarton, and whose descendants include notable rugby players and artists?
Which of these family names is not amongst the early French settlers in Akaroa?
What is the family name of Ōtautahi musical siblings Bic, Boh and Pearl?
Sporting siblings Valerie, Lisa and Steven Adams were born in which New Zealand town?
Thomasin McKenzie, whose mother (Miranda Harcourt) and grandmother (Dame Kate Harcourt) are also actresses, took the lead role in which 2021 Edgar Wright film?
The Avenues bordering central Ōtautahi Christchurch are named after famous Ōtautahi people. What are the names of the 4 Avenues?
Outrageous Fortune (television series) ran for 6 seasons and 107 episodes. What ficticious family in West Auckland did the show follow?
Malo Ioane Luafutu is the real name of which musician from Ōtautahi Christchurch?
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