AV Studio Interview – Ali Kouzehgari

There have been so many regular users of the Tūranga AV Studio who are enjoying themselves and just keep coming back. In this post we will be sharing the thoughts of one of our regulars, Ali Kouzehgari.

How did you find out about the studio?

From a friend who had previously used the studio, I had no idea that this sort of facility would be available and free to use.

What do you mostly use the studio for?

Rapping and songwriting.

What do you like to do in the studio?

It depends on what I'm trying to accomplish, a lot of the times I'm in the studio I'm trying to get a really good vocal recording done. If I have time I will mix and master my recordings.

What have learned about studio equipment and use?

When I first used the studio I didn't even know how to use any music software, and after 5 months I am now proficient at using the recording software Logic Pro X. At first I didn't know what the difference between mixing and mastering was, but now I have a handle on mixing and making my songs sound great. When you are learning this stuff at home you often have to rely on Youtube to learn things, but it isn't always helpful. Having the Media Studio Specialists at the AV studio has sped up the learning process ten fold.

How has it changed the way you create content or spend your time?

Before I got into the music and using the AV studio I would spend a lot of time on social media. I would mess around on Facebook etc. not really getting up to anything. However, since having the studio it has provided an escape and gives me something to progress towards. I now spend a lot more time creating music and working hard on my lyrics. It has created a snowball effect that has led to me constantly wanting to improve.

What makes it easier than creating at home? 

Bouncing ideas and sounds off the Media Studio Specialists has been invaluable, their experience at creating content has provided an excellent learning space. Being open to learning is important.

Do you have any advice for other creators?

When I started rapping I knew it was going to be very difficult thing to do, but its even more difficult than I thought it was. But, its been a long and awesome journey. Make sure you do things the right way, as you will regret it down the road if you don't. The base point of any creativity is that once you have the basics down that's when you can start being creative. Get involved, this stuff isn't available in every city.

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