Budgeting tips

Top 10 budgeting tips

Some great resources to help you save money and manage your budget.

1. Join the library Cover of What not to spend

A library card gives you access to free resources. Libraries also offer free computer and internet access, free or low-cost learning programmes and events in our libraries.

2. Set yourself a budget

3. Reduce your travel costs

Check the information at Energy Efficient Travel.

4. Reduce your energy costs

Try our Power saving tips resource.

5. Sell up your surplus

  • Sites like Trade Me and Sella.
  • Catalogues help you find the value of stamps, coins, antiques and other collectables.
  • Value your stuff with Carter's Price Guides to Antiques database - access with your library card and Password / PIN, or at your library.

6. Shop smart

7. Make your ownCover

  • Our Good Life section has some great suggestions for useful resources.
  • Make your own bread, clothes and furniture.
  • Felt is a New Zealand site where you can buy and sell new hand-crafted items.
  • Etsy is an American version for hand-crafted items.

8. Grow your own

See the resources in our Gardening guide.

9. Do it yourself

Fix your car or do up your house. The library has a collection of do it yourself books, magazines and videos and DVDs.

10. Cheap fun

Find parks, walking tracks, libraries, museums and local events which are often free.