Early World of Learning: for the little ‘uns!

My Mum tells me that at five I kept putting pegs on my tongue then running around hysterically unable to get them off. Nowadays I am watching five-year-olds work iPads like it was the most natural thing in the world. Either I was an idiot or kids are getting smarter.

If kids are getting smarter and more technically savvy, then how does that sit with them getting a proper education? That is where authoritative online vendors like World Book can help. You can have the bright colours and loud noises – but you can also learn at the same time.

World Book has produced Early World of Learning which is aimed at preschoolers and early primary aged children with three beautiful interactive learning environments:

  • Trek's Travels: learn alongside Trek the scarecrow and Taffy the cat, as they travel around learning about: colours, numbers, size, shapes, sounds, places, taste and smell, opposites and time.
  • Welcome to Reading: features 48 stories in four reading levels. Aims to help strengthen phonics, vocabulary and comprehension skills;
  • Know It: is a child's first online encyclopedia.  All text can be read-aloud by an online narrator and accompanied by word-by-word highlighting.

This product is easy to use, bright and informative in all the right ways. Have a gander today from home using your library card and password / PIN or in libraries through the Source or the catalogue.