I Love My Pet – Shirley Library

Are you a pet lover? Do you have a pet? Pets are a special category of animals that defines the human-animal relationship beyond food and work. The pethood concept is a relatively recent invention although humans have been living with animals through domesticating for a long time. Research shows that pets bring powerful mental and physical health benefits to humans, whereas humans can make a positive difference for pets in their daily lives.  

If you want to do something for your pet during the holiday season, explore the "I Love My Pet" programmes at Shirley Library:

I Love My Pet Colouring Competition|All Day, 3-31 January|Shirley Library

This colouring competition is designed for children aged from 0 to 16 years old to have fun and develop creativity during this holiday break. You can do it at your own pace as long as your entry returns to Shirley Library in time. To enter the competition, you can collect a "I Love My Pet" colouring-in sheet from Shirley Library or print off one of colouring sheets below. Then, colour in your picture, write your contact details on the back of your entry, and return to Shirley Library by 5 pm, Wednesday 31 January.

DIY Pet Toys|2-3.30 pm, Monday 15 January|Shirley Library

Play is important for pets to boost their happiness. Toys give dogs and cats something to play with in their time. You can buy pet toys for your pet but DIY toys would bring more fun and interaction between you and your pet.

You do not have to be crafty to make a toy for your pet. We will show you how to use upcycled materials to make a fun dog and/or a cat toy. Your pet will love them!

I Love My Pet Stories | 11am-12noon, Wednesday 17 January|Shirley Library

Come and join us to have fun! The one-hour pet-themed storytimes session will bring you stories, songs, rhymes, and a craft activity about pets. Our expert guest will share advice on pet care and wellbeing. 

This session is suitable for preschoolers and primary school children and their caregivers.

DIY Mini Pet Photo Frames|2-4 pm, Friday 19 January|Shirley Library

How do you keep and display your pet photos at home? Come along to make a mini pet photo frame with your pet photo.

You just need to bring in a photo of your pet which has saved on a device like a cellphone. We will show you the rest.