Okains Bay Hockey Team: Picturing Canterbury

Okains Bay Hockey Team. No known copyright. CCL-Okains-Sport-0004A.

Members of the Okains Bay women’s hockey team. Pictured are, from left, back row: 1. Olive Corrigal; 2. Gladys Harris; 3. Ruby Harris; 4. Stella Graham; 5. Mabel Moore; 6. Ella Harris. Second row: 1. Unidentified Hart; 2. Charlotte Hartley; 3. Unidentified; 4. Mary Turner; 5. Unidentified; 6. Elsie Harris; 7. Unidentified. Front row: 1. Unidentified (standing); 2. Evelyn Hartley; 3. Kate Mason; 4. Bertha Mason; 5. Avis Mason; 6. Lizzie Mason; 7. Violet Hartley; 8. Unidentified Hart (standing). About 1910.

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