Little Blog of Large Print: Spreading the Love

“My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read.” – Abraham Lincoln

Large print really seems to exemplify the old saying "always the bridesmaid, never the bride". It's essential to the reading habits of many people, especially if you're a little older or visually impaired. Yet, large print books just don't get the same time in the spotlight as their small-font cousins.

It's quite ironic, really, given that all of us will have to read large print books and/or listen to audiobooks at some point in our lives (thank you, time).  

Making text easier to read on screen

We're here to spread some love to our large print readers with regular blog posts about large print and related topics! To start, we have some tips and tricks for viewing things on computers in large print.

The first thing you can do to increase text size on a computer is to zoom in (ctrl + scroll), but did you know that library computers have a range of other accessibility software? Each piece of software has a slightly different purpose; there's a magnifier, a screen reader, and Narrator will even read a page out for you!

Keep your eyes peeled for more 'Little Blogs of Large Print', and let us know what you think. For now, enjoy having a look at a selection of our new large print books below, and have a go using accessibility software.     

New in Large Print

List created by Reneeccl

Some of the 'choicest' new additions to our large print collection. Ranging from mystery, romance, and western, to non-fiction and autobiography, there's something for everyone.

One of the most highly anticipated and sought after autobiographies in the library, Michelle Obama tells her own story, from her childhood in Chicago, juggling working and motherhood, and the time she spent as the First Lady in the White House.

This one had me at the cover! A mystery thriller that celebrates the 'bromantic' dynamic between Barak Obama and Joe Biden, this is an amazing combination of thriller mystery and comedy. Fresh out of the White House and faced with a murder, the former President and Vice President are out to solve it.

A new Jack Reacher novel, Jack's road trip across America is short-lived, when he decides to take a detour to his father's hometown. What was meant to be a one day detour becomes a journey to uncover the secrets behind his fathers mysterious disappearance years ago.

Set in 1910, this story follows Anna, a young farm girl, as she helps a handsome American visitor translate fairy stories from Irish to English. Anna soon finds herself in the middle of a mystery that threatens her community's way of life. This charming book interweaves the everyday with the magical and otherworldy.

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