Zines at Tūranga – launching Weds 26 May

Zines are self-published booklets, often circulated in small numbers. Traditionally, zines are cut-and-paste or hand-drawn then copied on a photocopier. Today, you can also find zines that are produced digitally and feature photos, typed text, and digitally produced artwork. Zine makers distribute their zines through music stores, art galleries, online stores, and at festivals and conventions.

From Wednesday 26 May, fans of zines will be able to browse a new reference collection of New Zealand zines and small press comics on He Hononga | Connection, Ground Floor, Tūranga.

200 works were selected for this initial collection. There are 7 genre headings for this collection: Art, Comic, Literary, Personal, Political, Music and Miscellaneous.

The collection will bring together a multitude of stories and voices from all walks of life. You'll discover new poets and writers, explore New Zealand's rich history of comics, and encounter art that's funny, strange, and everything in between. Zines can challenge you, inspire you, and connect you.