Outreach – Whātoro ake

The Outreach and Learning team provides library services to residential and educational groups who are unable to physically access the library. These groups include:

  • Rest homes
  • Day centres for older adults and residents with special needs
  • Preschool centres
  • Migrant centres
  • Primary schools
Memory bag number 4: Kitchen
Memory bag number 4: Kitchen. Flickr 2016-03-03-IMG_3013 Memory bags are designed to help people with Alzheimers and their caregivers.

The team also runs an Outreach library van service for community events and promotional visits.

Outreach is not accessible for picking up holds or borrowing library resources. For more information about the services at Outreach, please phone or email library@ccc.govt.nz

Find out more about our outreach services for preschools and families.

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