Popular science reading guide

Popular science reading guide

Entertaining reads about the world around us, scientific discoveries, and more.

Find out what it is to be human, learn about scientific phenomena, get in touch with nature, study the big questions or the scientific discoveries behind everyday objects. Take a journey to the stars or find out how future trends will affect the way we live.

Popular science takes science and makes it engaging and interesting to read for non-scientists. This guide recommends some great popular science titles and authors.

Popular science reading lists

Popular science reading lists

Non-fiction - Covid-19

Learn how the novel coronavirus has affected the world and how people have experienced it from China, the US, and Britain to our own shores.

Non-fiction - Animals

From creatures who run, glide and fly to those who slither, swim or swing - read tales of eye-opening encounters with extraordinary animals.

Non-fiction - Climate and environmental change

From powerful stories of the destruction we have wrought on the planet to practical guides on how save it.

Non-fiction - Science

Science is for everybody and these entertaining books will give you a great, highly readable, introduction.

Non-fiction - Space and Time

Take a journey to the stars and find out how we can live there or gain insight into how time and space work from award-winning scientists.

Non-fiction - Ecology and Evolution

Learn about the history of life itself, how evolution doesn't work in straight lines, and deepen your understanding of the environment.

Pseudoscience, the Paranormal and Unexplained Phenomena

Is there any truth to tales of alien abductions and UFOs, Yeti and Nessie, ectoplasm and ghosts, or even health fads and detoxes?

Non-fiction - Scientific Microhistories

Entertaining and educational, these titles focus on a tight area of scientific research, tying them in with social and cultural history.

Non-Fiction - Medicine, Psychology and Humanity

Your guide to medicine, psychiatry and the human body - the history of humankind, miracle cures, deadly diseases, blood, guts, and microbes.

Non-Fiction - Future Technology

Discover how new technologies will shape our future. How will we live, work, or travel? What effect will these changes have on society?

Biography - Need for Speed

Making trains, planes and automobiles go faster; discover the designs that made it possible to rocket around tracks and through the sky.

Biography - Scientists

Meet people whose thirst for learning has inspired them to discover new truths about how the world works.

Biography - Women in Science

Women have been behind great breakthroughs in science. Others have explored scientific fields, telling their own stories in the process.

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