Theme reading guide for Rangatahi – Teens

Theme reading guide

Discover stories on a range of topics and issues such as war, culture, race, and more. Great for NCEA.


War - Teens

War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing - except literature. Books set in wartime that shed light on the events of our past.

New Zealand Stories - Teens

Explore our own backyard with this varied list by New Zealand authors. Multiple perspectives, all kinds of genres, many award winners.

Mystery - Teens

Mystery is lurking everywhere from! Find books with amateur detectives searching for clues, and stories blending horror and drama.

Race - Teens

A collection of young adult fiction and graphic novels features stories involving social or racial conflict.

Refugees and Immigrants - Teens

Fiction and non-fiction by - and about - refugees and immigrants.

Faith - Teens

Fiction with characters of a variety of faiths exploring issues of faith and spirituality - some are steadfast, others questioning.

Mental Health - Teens

These books - fiction and non-fiction - have positive messages about fostering mental health.

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Genre reading guide

Find new reads from your favourite genres with these librarian recommendations for teens.

Printable lists

If you like... Rainbow reads

Stories about relationships, family, romance, activism, and struggle with a range of LGBTQIA+ characters. Printable author list (405 KB pdf)

If you like... YA Mystery fiction

Mystery is lurking everywhere from the school hallways to the shadows of the local woods. Printable author list (702 KB pdf).

If you like... YA Fantasy fiction

Encounter magic and myth, journey with legendary heroes, or protect the world from monsters or oppression. Printable author list (370KB pdf)

If you like... YA Dystopian fiction

Travel into grim futures not-so-far-removed from the world as we know it. Printable author list (939 KB pdf).

If you like... YA contemporary and realistic reads

Stories firmly rooted in the issues that affect us today. Funny, heartbreaking, realistic, engrossing. Printable author list (478KB pdf).

If you like... YA Adventure & action fiction

Hardy men in the wilderness, as well as bad guys in mean streets, tough heroines, and spies doing spy stuff. Printable author list (1MB pdf)
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