Our Voices reading guide

Our Voices reading guide

Find stories with characters just like you or see the world through another's eyes. Diverse stories and voices, great for NCEA.


Neurodiversity - Our Voices - Teens

First crushes & budding romances; solving mysteries alongside friends; and navigating the stresses of high school & daily life.

Disability - Our Voices - Teens

Titles about navigating the teen years and finding your place in the world.

Korea - Our Voices - Teens

안녕하세요 / 안녕 Curated by Kowoon, explore Korean culture! From K-Pop romances to science-fiction, fiction and graphic novels.

Pasifika - Our Voices - Teens

Navigate Pasifika fiction & short stories, hear voices sing out through poetry, & delve into non-fiction. Discover Pasifika perspectives.

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Theme reading guide

Discover stories for teens on a range of topics and issues such as war, culture, race, and more. Great for NCEA.
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