Manga reading guide

Manga reading guide

Want to start a new series and don’t know where to start? Here are our guides to Japanese comics.


Wholesome - Manga - Teens

Want to read something delightful, but don't want to get burned by dark plotlines, gratuitous violence or R-rated content? This is for you.

Unnerving - Manga - Teens

There's a lot of weird stuff out there, and this list has pulled a bunch of them together.

Rainbow Reads - Manga - Teens

Discover manga with LGBTQIA+ representation in them.

Mystery - Manga - Teens

Top picks for people who love seeing crime solved, plots uncovered, and justice prevailing (most of the time).

Manga - eBooks - Teens

Can't wait to come into a library to find some manga? Check out these series which are available in our digital library!

Romance - Manga - Teens

Slow burns, love triangles, forbidden loves. This list has every flavour of romance manga with a variety of genres and tastes.

Funny - Manga - Teens

Need a good laugh? These comedy manga are guaranteed to bring a smile to your dial.

Adventure - Manga - Teens

Distant worlds, untouched lands, a band of adventurers - there's nothing wrong with enjoying some wonderful escapism.

Action - Manga - Teens

Intense scenes, epic fights and high stakes. If you want some manga with action, we've got it.

Manga - Teens

These manga series are brimming with great artistry and storylines that will have you hooked.


OverDrive: Downloadable Comics and Graphic Novels

Superheroes, memoirs, science fiction, Manga and more. Titles for kids, teens and adults.

Manga & Anime available from home

Stuck at home and missing manga? Claire, your friendly neighbourhood youth librarian has got you covered!

Japan Fiesta: Saturday 2 March 2024

Japan Fiesta is a new style of Japanese event. It focuses on Japanese pop culture such as anime, manga, and games.

Manga meetups at the library

Manga meetups at the library

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Graphic novels reading guide

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