Graphic novel reading guide for Rangatahi – Teens

Graphic novel reading guide

Art and story come together in a range of genres and styles.


Rainbow Reads - Graphic Novels - Teens

A collection of graphic novels spanning a wide range of styles and topics, all with characters that fit somewhere on the rainbow spectrum.

Illustrated True Stories - Non-Fiction - Teens

Graphic novels are books too. Art and writing combine to bring these true stories to life. Roughly organised nice to gritty.

Graphic Novels - Teens

Step into the world of graphic novels and comics! Dynamic illustrations packed with action and emotion pull you into the story.

Downloadable Graphic Novels - Teens

Stuck at home and missing the sweet thrill a good graphic novel can provide? This is a list of fantastic graphic novels you can access.

New for Rangatahi

Manga reading guide

Want to start a new series and don’t know where to start? Here are our guides to Japanese comics.

More Reading Ideas

Request reading recommendations

Not sure what to try next? Try our reading guides, or tell us your preferences and we'll make a custom reading list just for you!

Graphic novels and comics

Great stories and great art come together in a range of genres and styles, including biographies - for kids, teens or adults.

Genre reading guide

Find new reads from your favourite genres with these librarian recommendations for teens.


Resources to help you learn more about zines and zinemaking, and ways you can get started on making your own.
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