A week of dinosaur fun at Fendalton Library

We'll be running a week of fun dinosaur activities at Fendalton Library Monday 19 July to Friday 23 July. It will include dinosaur themed crafts, displays, scavenger hunt and a storytime on Friday 23 July.

Dinosaurs first appeared during the Triassic period around 240 million years ago. They are a varied group of diverse animals reaching enormous sizes. Although these cool creatures aren’t around anymore it’s always exciting to learn about the largest animals to ever roam earth.

Why not join us at Fendalton Library to learn all about these fascinating creatures!

Dinosaur Events

Join us for dinosaur-themed craft, displays, scavenger hunt and storytime. The crafts, displays, and scavenger hunt run during the week and we’ll end our week-long dinosaur dynasty with a storytelling event on Friday afternoon, 23 July. Find out more about our dinosaur events:

Dinosaur eResources for children and teens

National Geographic Kids: National Geographic Kids is an awesome archive of the children’s magazine with the same name. Aimed at 6-14-year olds this database has information, pictures, facts, and videos on dinosaurs and palaeontology.

World Book Early World of Learning: An interactive and easy-to-use learning resource that is aimed at pre-schoolers and children in primary school. There’s dinosaur themed stories, activities, and videos.

OverDrive for Kids: OverDrive for Kids has a great selection of eAudiobooks and eBooks for children. Here, you will find stories such as Geronimo Stilton’s the Haunted Dinosaur and Into Reading Digger the Dinosaur.

Britannica Library Teens: Britannica Library Teens is a great resource that covers all subject areas aimed at a High school level. There are images, videos, articles and more with information on dinosaurs including the velociraptor and palaeontologist’s including John Ostrom.

World Book Student: A multimedia reference encyclopaedia for school-aged students’ research and homework. 

Dinosaur titles

Try these dinosaur tales out for size.

Catalogue record for How life on Earth beganCatalogue record for What's the time dinosaur?Catalogue record for Day of the dinosaursCatalogue record for We're going on a dinosaur digCatalogue record for Dinosaurs With 100 Questions and 70 Lift-flaps!Catalogue record for The girl and the dinosaurCatalogue record for That's what dinosaurs do

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