Happy 250th, Ludwig van Beethoven

This year, 17 December marks the 250th anniversary of Ludwig Van Beethoven's baptism (there is no record of his exact date of birth). Beethoven is one of the most well known composers of all time. The opening of his Symphony no. 5 is one of the most recognised pieces of classical music. (Have a listen on this Beethoven Naxos Music Library playlist)

Beethoven's life

Ludwig van Beethoven was born into a family of musicians, his father had ambitions for him to become the next Mozart and his training began at a young age, he was taught by his father then court musician Christian Gottlobe Neefe and he also had lessons with Joseph Haydn. He was greatly influenced by Mozart and possibly meet him - some say he had a lesson with Mozart but depending on which resources you read. From 1800 Beethoven began to realise that he was becoming deaf. He was completely deaf by 1819 but still composed music until his death in 1827.

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