In praise of felines: International Cat Day 2020

Catalogue record for Please take me home: The story of the rescue catPlease don't tell my dog, but I really love cats.

My last two cats were rescue cats and I like to think they both had good lives. They had warm beds at night and somewhere safe and dry in winter. There was always a warm lap for them to curl up on, even on a hot summer's day.

I had owned kittens, but I had never owned a rescue cat. I had always thought it was too hard. I was worried that the cat would run away or have behaviour problems. I was pleased to discover that I was wrong. Pokie was happy in her new home with us. When we moved, she did too. She was very well behaved. Cat doors were a mystery to her, so when we went on holidays, the staff at the cattery had to help her use the cat door. She looked after us for almost twenty years.

When the opportunity arose, we said yes to adopting Moemoe. His start to life was very bad, but he was adopted by a friend who gave him a good home. When they moved and couldn't keep him, he came to us. Moemoe adopted our puppy, and they were best friends for a number of years.

I have enjoyed the company of our rescue cats. Funnily enough, they shared some of my interests. They enjoyed reading, or sitting on the book I was reading. They loved knitting, playing with paper balls and watching bird documentaries.

I think they would have liked International Cat Day, but to be honest with you, my cats thought every day was International Cat Day.

International Cat Day takes place on 8 August each year. It is not just an excuse for cat lovers to share photos and videos of their cats doing amusing things. It is a day that raises awareness of cats and the need to protect them. So what can we do? If you have a cat, be kind to it. Play games and bake cat treats. Take it to the vet for a health check and make sure its vaccinations are up to date. You might even like to make a donation to your favourite cat charity. 

The library has a large collection of cat books and a great selection of cat photos, including cats who have adopted a library as their home.

Over on OverDrive, have a look at a collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks about cats or with cats on the cover.

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International Cat Day 2020

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Saturday 8th August is International Cat Day. Not just a day for watching funny cat films. Show your cat how much you love it by borrowing these books.

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