Why not make sock puppets with your odd socks?

I know some of you will be thinking that spending four weeks at home is fun.

Others might be wondering what to do in that time.

I've had a really great idea. Tidy your sock drawer. Yes really, tidy your sock draw. I did it yesterday. I was sick of spending ages trying to find a pair of socks to wear to work. If you tidy up your socks, you will probably find your missing favourite pair. You will also find odd socks, socks that you don't like and socks that don't fit. Most people throw out these socks, but I'm not most people. I keep these socks to make sock puppets.

Sock puppets are fairly easy to make and apart from some unwanted socks, you don't need anything special. In fact, you probably have everything you need at home: scissors, marker pens, wool, buttons, beads, googly eyes, needle and thread, glue, fabric scraps, ribbons and lace.

Here comes the fun part, decide what sort of puppet you are making, an animal, an alien, wizard, king queen, something else. To make the puppet, fit the sock over your hand. The toe of the sock fits over your fingers and the heel fits over your thumb. Use the marker pen to draw small dots to mark the position of the eyes. Take the sock off. Add the eyes, nose, ears, teeth, hair, horns, tiaras or anything that your puppet needs. All that's needed now is a script or play, a theatre and an audience.

The script could come from a fairy story or a scene from your favourite book. It could be a play or a poem that you like. Maybe you would like to make something up.

Catalogue record for Just For Kids Access Video - Sock PuppetsIn amongst our list of fun eResources for kids I found Just For Kids Access Video. I searched for "puppets" and found three children who made some puppets and put on a play. More ideas can be found at World Book Activity Corner.

The theatre could be made out of cardboard. I usually put a sheet over the table. The props fit quite nicely on the table and there is plenty of space under the table for the puppeteers to hide. Your audience could be quite small, but if you use social media, you could reach out to friends and family who are also at home feeling a bit lonely or bored.

I have made a list of books and streaming videos that I think you will enjoy

Best Sock puppet stuff for kids

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This is a list of titles that will help you turn an unwanted sock into an awesome puppet.

Telmo and Tula use socks, felt, poster board, glue, string, and markers to make sock puppets.

A craft activity that teaches how to make a sock puppet.

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For now, all Christchurch City Libraries are closed due to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), but I would like to hear about your puppets.