I’m ready for the 2019 Garden Bird Survey

There is a very large tree in our yard that Mr L says is too big and should go. The birds and I disagree and so far we are winning the argument. The tree is a great place for nests during nesting season. In autumn, when the tree has berries, the birds arrive for a feed. In winter, the ground under the tree is just right for birds to scratch for worms and insects. It's a great, all year destination for garden birds.

So our garden would be a great place to count birds. Birds are important indicators of the health of New Zealand’s environment. In some parts of New Zealand, garden bird numbers are declining. You can help the scientists learn more about the state of birds in our gardens by participating in this citizen science project.

Every year, Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research ask us to count the birds that visit our gardens. This year's survey is 29 June - 7 July 2019 and your help is needed. Choose a day that suits you. Then find somewhere comfortable where you can sit for one hour and observe birds. record your sightings on a tally sheet, then enter your data online.

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Find out more about the NZ Garden Bird Survey - there are lots of activities and resources for both adults and children.

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