Ngā Whāinga – Challenges – MANU-TUKUTUKU

Manu-tukutuku is the general Māori word for kites. Tukutuku comes from the name of the stitch used to create them and Manu because they fly like birds. There are many different styles of manu-tukutuku, each with their own name.

Manu taratahi is the triangle style and is simple to make, check out How to make a manu taratahi to see how to make a traditional manu taratahi. Check out manu-tukutuku on our website for more information.

Hei mahi – things to do:

  • Explore online what manu-tukutuku are traditionally made from
  • Create a manu taratahi from materials you can find around your home
  • Explore online what other types of manu-tukutuku
  • Design / draw another style of manu-tukutuku 

Manu-tukutuku photos

Manu tukutuku

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