QUIZ: Christchurch Heritage: Test your knowledge of central city heritage treasures

Quiz: Christchurch Heritage Festival 2023

The Christchurch Heritage Festival runs from 6th to 23rd of October with lots of events and activities to get amongst and enjoy! It also coincides with Christchurch City Libraries annual photo hunt that runs for the whole month of October. Both have the theme "Our Stories of Living and Learning". Test your knowledge about heritage treasures in our city.
The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament was regarded as one of the finest examples of church architecture in Australasia. Sadly, following damage sustained in the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 it was eventually demolished. During its lifetime, a number of local artists contributed works to the cathedral, including the creation of a new set of Stations of the Cross to commemorate the centenary of the Cathedral in 2005. Which artist created these?
The University of Canterbury were the first inhabitants of the Gothic style buildings we now know as the Arts Centre te Matatiki Toi Ora. What year did the University first move into the central city location?
The Curator’s House started on its current site in the Botanic gardens in 1872. The current building, now a popular restaurant, was built in which year?
Trams first started as a mode of transport in Christchurch in 1880, but by 1954 had stopped running. What year did the tramway system start operating again?
Built in the mid 1870s, the former Trinity Congregational Church building on the corner of Manchester and Worcester Streets, is now the oldest stone building left in Christchurch. During its history it has had a number of purposes - what is its latest iteration?
Unveiled in 1937 and recently moved to a slightly different position in Cathedral Square, the Citizens’ War Memorial features how many figures?
The Nurses' Memorial Chapel on the grounds of Christchurch Hospital is likely the only purpose-built chapel in the world that commemorates First World War nurses and is also New Zealand's only memorial chapel to women who died in any war or the 1918 influenza epidemic. When was its first service held?
Pūtaringamotu - Deans Bush is our city's oldest treasure, the last remnant of an ancient podocarp forest that once covered larger areas of Canterbury. Within Pūtaringamotu you'll find kahikatea, totara, matai and hinau, some of these trees being many many years old. Just how ancient do you think the oldest are?
The Edmonds band rotunda was one of a number of buildings Thomas J. Edmonds contributed to the city of Christchurch. What was the reason for the creation of this building?
Market Square / Victoria Square The poupou in Victoria Square, created by master carver Riki Manuel in 1990 to commemorate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, is a majestic reminder of the history and significance of this area to Māori. Where else in the central city can you find work by Riki?
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