QUIZ: Photography

In which New Zealand city did the Burton Brothers start their photographic business?
One of the featured sets of images on Canterbury Stories that shows coloured photographs on a specific decade is:
Which photographic partnership did not originate from Christchurch?
Who was designated the official photographer of the New Zealand International Exhibition 1906-1907?
Which of the following early Canterbury photographers is best known for creating a photographic record of the early years of the Canterbury settlement?
Who was the first to take photographs from the ChristChurch Anglican Cathedral tower?
The first NZ newspaper to publish photographs was the...
Identify the correct statement about Daniel Mundy, early New Zealand photographer…
What animal was Peter Williams, a 3ZB radio announcer riding at a circus parade in 1979 (Use the Discovery Wall website to find the answer)
The longest continuously running photographic society in New Zealand is:
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