QUIZ: Sports and recreation

Test your knowledge of local sporting history and perhaps learn a few facts.

R. Haworth on a ..? CCL-Arch6-S07-133-01, Pioneer Amateur Sports club, no known copyright.

Quiz: Sports and recreation

Which of the following statements is TRUE?
One of the earliest New Zealand publications with a focus on sports was called the:
The International Sports Company, a Woolston based factory that mass produced golf balls was profiled in the Christchurch Star edition of 17 March 1976. About how many golf balls did the factory produce per week?
What type of bike is shown in the photograph at the top of this page?
Which of the following is the oldest sporting club in Canterbury?
Pedestrianism was a popular sport in Ōtautahi Christchurch in the late nineteenth century (or late 1800s). Which of the following best describes this sporting activity?
Which iconic Christchurch sporting facility was opened in 1881?
John Robert Godley (1814-1861), sometimes referred to as the “founder of Canterbury”, was an avid fan of which sporting endeavour?
When does the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup begin?
When was the Taiora QE II Recreation and Sport Centre opened?
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