QUIZ: Women’s suffrage

Quiz: Women's suffrage

The month of September celebrates the fight for women’s suffrage in Aotearoa. The country gave women the right to vote in 1893, becoming the first nation to do so. To commemorate this historic event, test your knowledge with our voting rights quiz!
Christchurch suffragist Kate Sheppard was heavily involved with which group?
Which flower features on the $10 note and is the symbol of the suffrage movement?
The 31,872-signature petition advocating for women's suffrage was dramatically unrolled across the floor of Parliament when it was presented to politicians in 1893. How many metres long was it?
Henry Wright got so fed up with women fighting for voting rights that he put up a sign on his front gate which declared that they should stop:
How many women were registered to vote in the 1893 election, which occurred less than two months after female suffrage was granted?
Who was the governor that signed the Electoral Act 1893 into existence?
Elizabeth McCombs was the second woman to be elected to membership at the Christchurch City Council (the first being Ada Wells). What year was she elected as New Zealand's first female MP while standing for the Lyttelton electorate?
The White Ribbon: for God, Home and Humanity was a publication that openly advocated for women’s suffrage. What roles did women play in the running of it?
The Electoral Act 1893 granted New Zealand women aged 21 and over the right to vote in elections. What date was it passed in Parliament?
Mary Ann Colclough advocated for women's voting rights in a range of newspapers under what name?
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