QUIZ: What’s in a name?

Quiz: What's in a name?

What's in a name? Quite a lot! Explore interesting and unusual facts about placenames in Canterbury and test your knowledge.
What is Hagley Park named after?
There are a number of suburbs around Christchurch that have changed their names or been absorbed into other suburbs. Which of these was NEVER a suburb/area of Christchurch?
Now one of the lost and renamed suburbs of Christchurch, ‘Bingsland’ was named after Hungarian born early resident Morice Bing (1830-1878). The name was changed to make it sound more English. What was it changed to?
Even cemeteries have been referred to by different names over time. Barbadoes Street Cemetery was once called Christchurch Cemetery, Linwood Cemetery has been called 'the Sandhills', but which Christchurch cemetery was commonly known as the 'Scotch Cemetery'?
Who wrote the book: 'Maori Place-names of Canterbury, Including One Thousand Hitherto Unpublished Names Collected From Maori Sources'?
Moorhouse, Fitzgerald, Bealey and Rolleston… Who are the four avenues named after?
The Avon/Ōtākaro river got the 'Avon' part of its name from the Deans brothers, who farmed in Riccarton from the 1840s. Where did they get the name from?
According to mathematician Garry Tee in the book The New Zealand book of lists by John McCrystal, the South Island has more places named after scientists than any other comparable area on earth. Which of these Christchurch streets is NOT named after a scientist?
How did Tumbledown Bay in Horomaka/Banks Peninsula get its name?
The Waimakariri is one of Canterbury's most distinctive rivers. When the Canterbury Association was planning the settlement of Christchurch, chief surveyor Joseph Thomas attempted to rename it, but the name didn't stick. What was the proposed name?
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