Repair, Remake and Reuse @ Lyttelton Library

Are you a fan of The Repair Shop? Do you love the feeling of fixing something yourself? Or maybe you're just keen to consume less stuff? Then the place to be is Lyttelton Library! From Saturday 13 until Saturday 27 March the team at Lyttelton Library are holding a number of events based on the theme of Repair, Remake and Reuse, carrying on from the Sustainable Living week we held back in 2019.

Covid levels allowing, we’re planning on a lead-in, week-long Crafty Stash Swap of craft materials, haberdashery, patterns, fabric and wool, which will run from Saturday 13 to Friday 19 March. This is followed up by the Shed Stash Swap, which will run from Saturday 20 until Saturday 27 March. These two stash swaps are a great opportunity for you to clear out your craft room or shed, and pass on those little treasures that you just haven’t got around to using to someone who will use them to make something wonderful. Or you may just find that new hinge for your kitchen cupboard, or hook for the back of your bathroom door!

Remember that the Shed Stash Swap is limited to small hardware items (bolts, hooks, nails, screws hinges etc) – no timber, no paint, no tools, and no grubby items thanks!

Other highlights are:

  • Saturday 20 March: Mend and Patch with Sashiko. A drop-in workshop from 10.30am on the art of sashiko, a Japanese form of embroidery that can be used for visible mending.

  • Tuesday 23 March: Themed Storytime with Lindsey at the usual time of 11am, and a Make a Bird Feeder after school craft activity for children at 3.30pm, re-using plastic milk bottles.
  • Wednesday 24 March: Make Bernie's Mittens. A drop-in session to learn to make the internet-famous Bernie Sanders’ mittens from old sweaters and shirts.
  • Thursday 25 March: our Community Information Evening with a line-up of speakers who will talk on a range of topics related to remaking, repairing and reusing, starting at 7.30pm. One speaker will be the libraries’ own Jane Hackett, who will talk about her work restoring and repairing books for the library and for private customers.

Find out more about these events in the library calendar, and in the meantime get your creativity going with some inspirational repair-themed books in our collection.

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