Soothing summer: Chill tracks and easy listening

Last week I did a couple of posts, one focusing on books to unwind with and the other movies and TV that have a relaxing effect because after the year we've had we could all use a cruisey time this summer.

But let's not forget that the right sounds can have the power to sooth too. So here are some picks for listening that will hopefully help you de-stress this holiday season.


The Legacy of Rn'B Slowjamz - Ahhh, the intoxicating combination of 90s/early 2000s nostalgia mixed in with slow drum beats - the presence of Whitney, Destiny's Child, and Alicia Keys make this a no-brainer.

Throwback Slowjamz - Everything I said about the above but more because this one is a 3 CD set.

The Best Easy Listening Album in the World-- Ever! - Jazz standards by people who really know how to sing them. Chet Baker, Nancy Wilson, Ella Ftizgerald, Tony Bennett. Need I go on?

Day by Day - Doris Day. A 3 CD set of her. I cannot imagine anything less stress-making than that.

Online streaming options - Simone suggests some great streaming options.

Or check our catalogue for the following subject headings:


Christmas music

Not everyone loves Christmas music but I do. These chilled out classics might be just the thing.

A Slow Jams Jazz Christmas - Probably an excellent background soundtrack for some gift-wrapping this week. Or try these Christmas music online streaming options.



Inflight Yoga - You don't actually have to be flying anywhere to reap the benefits of Inflight yoga. You can do this in any seat be it an armchair, or a folding chair in the backyard. Try this 20 min OverDrive audio course for gentle stretching, increased ciruclation and a little bit less stress.

Easy Yoga & Deep Relaxation - This 2 part eAudiobook includes exercises for breathing and meditation to put you into a state of deep relaxation.

Sure, You Know Yourself: An Irish Guide to Mindfulness - A nice Irish lad using humour to explain meditation and mindfulness. In it for the accent, to be honest...


Danielle Steele - You absolutely know what you're getting with a Danielle Steele novel so if that's your thing why not just settle in for a bit of easeful listening.

Maeve Binchy - For something with a bit more humour, but still the cosy familiarity. Most of Maeve Binchy's audiobooks are narrated by her cousin, actress Kate Binchy, so if you find an Irish accent pleasing, these may be a good listening option.

Heaps of romances - Like hundreds of 'em. Fill yer boots-slash-earholes.

Need more audiobook suggestions? Check out our eAudiobooks page or this list of audiobooks narrated by celebrities.

Got any feel good listening recommendations? Chuck 'em in the comments.

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