Tracking your reading in 2023

I like to set myself reading goals every year and 2023 I am setting myself a goal to read more books than I did in 2022. This year I am going to track my reading using our very own library catalogue and my library card (and pin). Log in using the log in button on the top right then click the "Log In / Register"

Once logged in you will see My Dashboard, from here you can see My Borrowing ; My Profile; My Shelves. My Borrowing shows you any books you have borrowed as well as any holds you might have. My Shelves are an extremely useful tool, especially for tracking current reading and completed shelves, which is how I am going to track my reading for 2023. You can easily add titles from our catalogue to you shelves, the options are For later, In Progress or Completed. You have the option to make you reading activity private or public.


Here is the imagined For Later shelf for Hermione Granger.

Once you have read something and added to your completed shelf, you can rate it & review by using using the star system which you can personalise, and add reviews. You can also tag books under genre, tone or theme or personal tags that will only appear on your shelf.

You can create lists of books that can share with everyone or that can be private. So, if like me you like lists, you can create a list of your reads which you can share with everyone (or only those who you give the link to - or you can keep the list locked to your library card).

So maybe for 2023 you will set yourself a reading challenge to read 10, 20, 50 or 100 books that is up to you or maybe you might just start recording what you have read using your library card & pin.

For more information on tracking your see our guide on How can I keep track of what books I've read?

Hermione's to read list

List created by Hermione Jean Granger

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