Saturday night by Brigid Lowry

It’s Saturday night. Sam Mambo, who is eight, hides his pumpkin under the couch and begs to watch the late-night movie.

It’s Saturday night. Seraphina Petticoat and Gloria Earring take two hours, forty-seven minutes to make themselves super-dooper glamorous for the hip-hop ball.

It’s Saturday night. Fred Pimple tries to borrow the car but ends up having to take Kylie Fern out on a number seven bus instead.

It’s Saturday night. Oh no, Aunt Lavinia Cardigan has beaten Aunt Gardenia Fluffyslipper at scrabble once again.

It’s Saturday night. Nigel Gumboot, gardener to the rich and famous, tired out from his day of digging, has slipped into a slumber, a land of lawns and loveliness with not a weed in sight.

It’s Saturday night. Katie-Rose’s mother is starting to yell. Katie-Rose, who is extraordinarily stubborn, just will not, will not, will not get off her computer.

It’s Saturday night. At number seventy-four Grandpa makes hot chocolate and cuts two chunks of carrot cake while Nana sings a little song about days gone by.

It’s Saturday night. Gee whiz, the Lavender’s new baby really knows how to yell!

It’s Saturday night. In the lonely, late-night city Alma Trudge has dinner all alone and then goes home to bed.

It’s Saturday night. C.C. Cockroach is having a party under the fridge. He is daintily dining on a baked bean and a gooey splodge that may have once been chocolate mousse.

It’s Saturday night. Perhaps Jason, Max and Harry should not have had a pillow fight?

It’s Saturday night. The lady who loves cherries pouts her poppy red lips and talks to her friend on the phone.

It’s Saturday night. If Henry-Groovacious-Haircut does not give the remote control gadget back to his older sister, Wanda-Ring-in-Nose, he may soon regret it very much indeed.

It’s Saturday night. Lewis the Wonderdog scratches a flea and dreams of love.

What is your favourite thing to do on a Saturday night?

© Brigid Lowry

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