I’m leaving home by Jean Bennett

I’m leaving home!

Nobody loves me,

nobody cares.

Whenever I speak

nobody hears.

I've had enough!

'Tidy your room,

Tidy your roompick up your books,

hang all your clothes

up on their hooks.'

I'll go to Aunt Jane's.

She doesn’t say

'Be patient – just wait'

or make me eat greens

and things that I hate.

I'll pack my bags now

What shall I take?

Can’t forget Ted

The grey mousenor the grey mouse

that’s under my bed.

I don’t know the way,

it’s dark out there.

Leaving homeWhat’s that strange sound?

Perhaps it’s a ghost

or a savage bloodhound.


I'll give them a chance

I'll stay hometo be kind to me.

I think I'll stay home

with my family.

© Jean Bennett (Text)

© Caren Glazer (Illustrations)

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