My dog… your dog by Ted Dawe

Hairy dog  My dog’s better than your dog!

  No way!
  I've got a hairy dog

Sheep dog  Call that hairy?
  I've got a sheep dog.

Cow dog    Sheep dog?
   Check out my cow dog.

Bull dog    Never heard of a cow dog.
   I've got a bull dog.

Pog dog   What use is a bull dog?
   I've got a pig dog.

   A pig dog?
   I bet it eats heaps.

Whale dog    You bet!

   My dog’s a whale dog.
   It can dive to the bottom of the sea.

Elephant dog    I've got an elephant dog.
   It’s got big ears and a trunk.

Seal dog    My seal dog can balance a ball on the end of its nose.

Chess dog    Good trick!
   My dog can play chess.

Algebra dog            Brainy? My dog does algebra.

Knitting dog Algebra is easy. My dog can knit.

Trouser dog  Trouser dog   My dog wears trousers.

Littel dog   Hey!
  Whose little dog are you?

  He’s my little dog.

  What a nice little dog.

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