Stop smoking

AshtrayChristchurch City Libraries has many resources to help you stop smoking and the treatment of nicotine addiction.

If you smoke, one of the best things you can do for your health is stop.

There are many organisations in New Zealand promoting quitting smoking.

The Quit Group is a charitable trust set up to run quit smoking programmes in New Zealand, including the national free telephone support Quitline. It offers free telephone support, resources and low cost nicotine patches or gum to New Zealand residents. People can phone 0800 778 778 to speak to a Quitline Advisor.

The Cancer Society runs a Quit Smoking website.

Stop smoking resources


  • Information sheets from Quit PDFs on subjects including nicotine gum and patches, the benefits of stopping smoking and helping others quit. Resources are available in Samoan, Tongan and Asian languages.
  • ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) has good information on their site - ways to stop smoking, including options for giving up, nicotine replacement therapies, and group therapies.
  • Helping others quit information from Quitline
  • Smokefree Resources to promote a smokefree environment and tools like a cost of smoking calculator.

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