Christchurch Hip Hop Summit – Thursday 9 to Saturday 11 December

Hip hop heads around the country are buzzing with the news that Ōtautahi will be hosting the inaugural Christchurch Hip Hop Summit presented by YCD (Youth and Cultural Development), going down from Thursday 9 December to Saturday 11 December 2021.

The Hip Hop Summit celebrates hip hop culture with live performances, workshops, speakers, dance battles and more! It provides a showcase of the different elements of hip-hop, with artists skilled in graffiti; dance (b-boying/b-girling; krump; urban dance); MCing; and music production, sharing their knowledge and skills.

The event is designed to promote unity amongst artists within the Canterbury urban scene. It is also hoped to dispel the negative stereotypes that surround this often misunderstood culture, so those new to the scene can experience what it has to offer. There is something for everyone - whether you want to be entertained with amazing talent, or want to school yourself in hip-hop history, knowledge and culture.

Christchurch City Libraries are proud to be a supporter of the Christchurch Hip Hop Summit, which is being presented by Mai and YCD (Youth & Cultural Development).

Hip hop and YCD (Youth & Cultural Development)

YCD’s mission is to help young people reach their potential. YCD has long been a supporter of local hip-hop talent, supporting young musicians and dancers, as well as organizing many youth hip hop events.

Celebrate hip hop history in Ōtautahi

An important part of hip hop culture is knowing your history. As part of the celebrations of hip hop culture, we want you to add your own photos of hip hop culture in Ōtautahi via the Discovery Wall. Our discovery wall is a great repository of what goes on in our city.

Christchurch Hip Hop displays and exhibitions

During the Hip Hop Summit, Tūranga will also have some old school NZ music magazines on display for you to check out. Remember Rip it up & Real Groove Magazines?
View photos of displays at Tūranga.
Art by Meep (Kophie Hulsbosch), Tūranga

Youth and Cultural Development Collection

Images from the 1990s and 2000s to celebrate Youth and Cultural Development at the time of the Hip Hop summit, held in December 2021.

So whether you are new to the scene and want to know more, or are an experienced artist, make the most of this opportunity to see what Christchurch hip hop has on offer.

Christchurch Hip Hop Summit Schedule

Aotearoa Hip Hop

A Reason to Rhyme MaoriTV
Hip Hop arrived in Aotearoa at a time of political turmoil and was immediately embraced by Māori and Pacific youth. A Reason to Rhyme explores the relationship that our people have with Hip Hop as an alternative form of identity. Available on demand to views in New Zealand and Australia until 29 June 2023.

NZ Hip Hop Stand Up RNZ
NZ Hip Hop Stand Up is a video series about New Zealand hip hop. Featuring Scribe, Ladi6, Church & AP and more, each episode features a different track from Aotearoa hip hop's 30-year history.Starting in 1988 with ‘E Tū’ by Upper Hutt Posse and ending in 2019 with ‘Ready or Not’ by teen sensations Church & AP. Season 2 starts off in 1994 with ‘Hip Hop Holiday’ by Three the Hard Way and ends in 2018 with ‘Set it Off’ by JessB.

Aotearoa Hip Hop: The Music, The People, The History rova
11 episode podcast series, delivered in two seasons, that takes a dangerously deep dive into Aotearoa’s Hip Hop history. Hosted by  Phil Bell O.N.Z.M. - AKA DJ Sir-Vere and written by Martyn Pepperell. Season one has six episodes and spans the years 1980 to 1996, beginning with DJ Tony 'Teepee' Pene's hidden narrative and finishing with Che Fu's solo career.

April K. Henderson, 'Hip hop', Te Ara - the Encyclopedia of New Zealand, (accessed 19 November 2021)

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