Makerspace at Home!

Kia ora and welcome to our Makerspace Blog. We may not be able to do Makerspace at the library currently, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun at home!

Today's edition has an Anzac Day theme.

Egg Carton Anzac Poppies

Help celebrate Anzac Day, and create this beautiful poppy design, by Linda from the Papanui Library team.
For this activity, you will need an egg carton, scissors, glue, red paint and black paper/paint/or permanent marker.

Download instructions [2MB PDF]

Anzac Biscuits Recipe

After making beautiful poppies, Let's make some cookies! These Anzac biscuits are really tasty, especially when they come out warm from the oven.

This recipe was created by Jennifer, from our Redwood Library team. Download recipe [2MB PDF]

Beat That! Dice Game

Let's play a game! All you need is some dice to play Beat That!

Don't have any dice? Print one out from the template [149KB PDF] so you can make your own.

No printer? View instructions to make dice from scratch [149KB PDF].

This awesome guide [291KB PDF] was created by Alice, from our Te Hāpua Library team.

Download dice template [84KB PDF]

Time for a Story!

Here are three suggestions that you can watch and read along digitally through Storybox Library, or alternatively, join our librarians in digital storytimes.


When Mae’s family moves to a new home, she wishes she could bring her garden with her. She’ll miss the apple trees, the daffodils, and chasing butterflies in the wavy grass. But there’s no room for a garden in the city. Or is there?
Mae’s story is a celebration of friendship, resilience in the face of change, and the magic of the natural world.

Anzac Biscuits

Rachel is in the kitchen, warm and safe. Her father is in the trenches, cold and afraid. When Rachel makes biscuits for her father, she adds the love, warmth, and hope that he needs. This is a touching story of a family torn apart by war but brought together through the powerful simplicity of Anzac biscuits. It delicately entwines the desolation of life on the front line with the tenderness of life on the home front.

The Worry Monsters

Jack is good at maths and art, but terrible at spelling. Spelling makes no sense to him! He decides to worry about the test later, but what will happen if he leaves it too late?

Ka pai! Great job!

Hope you had fun, see you next time for Makerspace at home!