Ōtautahi Advent Calendar 2018

24 Christmas images from the Discovery Wall.
Meri Kirihimete ki a koutou.

Monday 24 December

Photo of a man dressed as Santa Claus reclining in a folding chair on a beach
A man dressed as Santa Claus on the beach by Rapanui Shag Rock, ca. 1990s. Christchurch Star archive. In copyright. CCL-StarP-02306Ahttps://discoverywall.nz/media/60721

Sunday 23 December

Black and white photo of a man dressed as Santa Claus standing in a fountain, 1984
Santa Claus in the Town Hall fountain, 17 December 1984. Christchurch Star archive. In copyright. CCL-StarP-02326A. https://discoverywall.nz/media/60911

Saturday 22 December

Black and white photo of a family at the Christmas dinner table, 1962
Christmas Dinner, 1962. 25 December 1962. Four generations. Kete Christchurch collection. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 NZ. CCL-PH08-UR-027. https://discoverywall.nz/media/60691

Friday 21 December

Colour photo of a girl riding a bike in a driveway with a man pushing her
The new Christmas bike. 30 December 1976. Entry in the 2013 Christchurch City Libraries Photo Hunt by Dave Reynolds. Kete Christchurch collection. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 NZ. https://discoverywall.nz/media/60701

Thursday 20 December

Black and white photo showing a line of nurses singing, 1963
Nurses at St Helens Hospital, Sydenham. 20 December 1963. A group of nurses at St Helens Hospital in Sydenham carol singing at Christmas time on one of the wards. Christchurch Star Archive. In copyright. CCL-StarP-00916A. https://discoverywall.nz/album/1039/3487

Wednesday 19 December

Colour photo of a man leading a dog dressed as Santa in a parade, 2017
New Brighton Christmas parade, 2017. Saturday 9 December 2017. Kete Christchurch collection. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 NZ. CCL-Kete-42800. https://discoverywall.nz/media/60661

Tuesday 18 December

Black and white photo of two children sitting on Santa's knee, 1957
Father Christmas at Beaths, 1957. Entry in the 2013 Photo Hunt. Kete Christchurch collection. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 NZ. CCL-PH13-087 https://discoverywall.nz/album/124/41971

Monday 17 December

Photo of acrobats performing tricks in a parade
Acrobats, Hay's Christmas parade. Christchurch City Libraries collection. In copyright. CCL-ARCH812-0054 https://discoverywall.nz/album/73/196

Sunday 16 December

Black and white photo of children and a Christmas tree in a suburban backyard
Christmas in the backyard, 1958. A family Christmas in our back yard in Opawa. I am showing off my new scooter, my sister Jenny has a cane dolls pram and my cousin Wayne has a carpentry set. I can't see what his brother Chris has. My dad has obviously just painted the shed as I can see the 'wet paint' sign propped against it. Christchurch City Libraries Photo Hunt. CCL-PH13-410CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 NZ

Saturday 15 December

Black and white photo of busy New Brighton street before, 22 December 1973
Cars and shoppers in New Brighton, 22 December 1973. Christchurch Star Archive. In copyright. CCL-StarP-00234.

Friday 14 December

Thursday 13 December

Wednesday 12 December

Tuesday 11 December

Monday 10 December

Sunday 9 December

Saturday 8 December: Hay's Christmas Parade float, 5 December 1959

Friday 7 December: Santa in a polka dot dress, December 1952

Thursday 6 December: A Christmas parade passes along Colombo Street

Wednesday 5 December: Santa Float, 1970s, Hay's Christmas Parade

Tuesday 4 December: Father Christmas at 4 Square, 1952

Monday 3 December: Santa arrives at New Brighton, 5 December 2009.

Sunday 2 December: Santa float. 1970s.

Saturday 1 December: Marmite the cat, dressed as Santa, 20 November 1996

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