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QUIZ: An Aotearoa/ New Zealand autumn

Test yourself with questions about March, April, May and autumn in general.

QUIZ: What's in a name?

What's in a name? Quite a lot! Explore interesting and unusual facts about placenames in Canterbury and test your knowledge.

QUIZ: A Christchurch summertime

Explore interesting and unusual facts about summers past and present in Canterbury!

QUIZ: Xth British Commonwealth Games, 1974

How much do you remember about the 1974 Commonwealth Games? Test your sporting knowledge with our online quiz.

QUIZ: The Twelve (slightly tenuous) Days of Christmas

Work your way through the 12 local history questions of this quiz loosely based on the famous Christmas song.

QUIZ: It's Show time

How much do you know about the history of The Show?

QUIZ: Christchurch Heritage

The Christchurch Heritage Festival is on 6 to 23 October. Test your knowledge about city heritage treasures, past and present.

QUIZ: Women's suffrage

Aotearoa gave women the right to vote in 1893. To commemorate this historic event, test your knowledge with our voting rights quiz!

QUIZ: Canterbury's 19th century settlers

Fun facts and frivolities of the forgotten forty-niners (plus a 50 or two) from books and newspapers in the Library collection.

QUIZ: Water

Celebrate ‘Te Kātao a Matariki – the water stars of Matariki’, with our local history quiz based around all things watery!

QUIZ: Winter sports and snowy expeditions

Try your luck with our questions that dig into wintry activities and exploration in snowy conditions.

QUIZ: Sports and recreation

Test your knowledge of local sporting history and perhaps learn a few facts.

QUIZ: Easter and Anzac Day

Test your knowledge of Easter traditions, and Anzac history.

QUIZ: More parks and gardens

Christchurch isn't called the "Garden City" for nothing. Find out how much you know about our local parks and gardens with our quiz.

QUIZ: Food and drink

From flour mills to pavlovas, and cookbooks to whitebait - whet your appetite for local food knowledge with our online quiz.

QUIZ: Ridiculous and random recipes and recommendations

We explore "interesting" homemaking and healthcare hints of yesteryear. Do you know all the uses for a lemon?
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