Winter Warmer fun at Shirley Library

Winter is when we need to look after ourselves and our families for health and wellbeing. If you have read Kathrine May’s book entitled Wintering: How I learned to flourish when life became frozen, you may be inspired by others’ wintering experiences. One winter wellbeing tip is to carefully plan for the coldest season of the year. Have you prepared activities for you and your family this winter? Activities and programmes in Shirley Library can be an option.

Winter Warmers | 10.30 am -12 noon, Wednesday 5 July

We warmly invite you to attend our yarn crafters' gathering on the eastern side of the city! No matter what age and skill level you are, you can find something fun during this session. We have invited experts from Southern Felters to talk about felting and eco-dyeing and show examples made with these techniques. 

If you want to start with a yarn craft project, we have hands-on activities for you to try on. Would you like to make a vest, a cardigan, or a blanket for yourself or your loved one? Learning to crochet a granny square would be a great starting point. Not so confident in handling knitting needles? Why don't you try to make a scarf with a knitting loom? Our experts will also show you how to make lovely items with a tool, French knitting Nancy.

Last but not least, you can meet and chat with other hobbyists and bring patterns and textiles to swap during the gathering.

Bookface Fun | All day, Saturday 1 July - Sunday 16 July

Share your book love through a Bookface Fun activity! 

This fun book recommendation activity enables us to build connections between ourselves and book characters visually with creativity and photography skills. Find a book cover that features a face, take a photo of yourself with the book covering your face, and post it on social media by 16 July. 

we are @ChristchurchLib on Instagram or Twitter, and @ChristchurchCityLibraries on Facebook. Tag us so we can share your photo and you can enter a prize draw.

This activity suits all ages. Children can ask their caregivers to take a photo of them. Our librarian photographers can also assist you in taking a photo with your own device. 

If you are still not sure how it works, visit the BookFace display and talk to our friendly librarians at Shirley Library from 1 July to 16 July. We will work together to make it manageable and fun. 


More Bookface examples on our Flickr

Winter Book Bingo | All day, Monday 19 June - Sunday, September 24

Have you decided what to read next this winter? Join us for the Winter Book Bingo programme!

This programme is designed to combine physical and mental activities for participants. For the physical part, you need to travel back and forth from home to Shirley Library to collect and hand in an entry form and a bingo board sheet. In between, you can curl up at home or in a warm and cozy place to read books you have borrowed and cross boxes on the bingo sheet.  

To make it fun, you can compete with your friends and family to see who can fill their bingo board first.

With a completed sheet, you have benefited physically and mentally and could win some sweet prizes.

 We hope we can see you in the above programmes and wish you and your families to have a happy and healthy winter time. 

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